Global Aware November Bulletin

global_aware_logoThese are challenging times when much of the focus is on our domestic finances, and those who will suffer as a consequence of the Comprehensive Spending Review. However, whatever we may be experiencing still does not compare to the millions who live way below the poverty line. Please make space in your week to read and respond to some of the following information. Thank you.



Pray that the mood of the country will change and that negative press about the foreign aid budget being the only one not to be cut in the CSR will be a springboard for discussion and increased understanding amongst our population about why this is so important. Pray that the churches can take a lead in defending this decision and speaking out for the world's poor.
Haiti - as the number of cholera cases increases, the country is now threatened with tropical storm Tomas. Torrential rain will contaminate existing water supplies increasing the threat of a cholera epidemic on the island, as well as destroying the temporary shelters that many are still living in after hurricane. Pray that the storm will decrease in strength as it approaches Haiti and that the aid agencies and medical staff will have the resources they need to prevent further deaths from cholera.



It's that time of year... But if money is spent wisely, Christmas has huge potential to transform lives. Think about where you buy - try to buy Fairtrade goods, Present Aid gifts, or cards from charities. Christian Aid has plenty of ideas - for more information visit

Defend the Government's decision to ring-fence the aid budget. It is a miracle that amidst a raft of harsh cuts, the new government has maintained their commitment to aid in trying to reach the Millenium Development Goals. We should be proud that as a nation we are doing all we can to tackle global poverty and it would be a real witness to God's call for justice if we, as Christians, can make a clear stand against those who are so vociferous in opposing this commitment to the world's poorest.

The Global Poverty Project have got a template letter to send to the press, or just to give you ideas of one to write yourself.
or read and support Tear Fund's response here:

Big Climate Connection, 5th-6th November


November is a key time for climate politics, with the upcoming UK Energy Bill and the UN climate talks in Cancun approaching. Over 100 agencies are joining together to encourage us to contact our new MPs to ensure commitments to carbon reduction are maintained. See what you can do.
For upcoming events check out Bristol networks events calendar.