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Prayer 4 Clevedon Datesprayer for clevedon

"Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, in Clevedon as it is in Heaven"


If you have a heart to pray with others for the blessing of the whole town come and join us, or let us know of the town's needs in any of the following topics:

  • Arts, Entertainment & Sport
  • Business
  • Education


  • Family
  • Government (inc. Health, Police, Fire, Local Gvt Services, etc)
  • Media
  • Religion

There will be refreshments and bacon rolls while it's cold!


For more information contact Tim Simpson on 878787 or




All gatherings wll take place at Clevedon Town Hall, 44 Old Street, BS21 6BU

Some background information


As Tim Simpson wrote, outlining his vision...


"For some years I have been carrying an idea, which the Lord now seems to be encouraging me to try to bring to reality. I see it as a CTiC-badged project, thereby being rooted in the best expression of unity in the Church of Clevedon, and I invite the CTiC Council to consider adopting it... If we had 7 come to the first meet, including one from each, I would reckon we had made a very good start! ...but I would prefer 70..."


One year later, in 2010, Tim wrote...


"After 18 months coming to birth – we were DELIGHTED when 30 folks came to the Town Hall on the last Saturday in Sept, for our first monthly event. Bacon Rolls may have helped to attract the men… and we were delighted to see both sexes there in good numbers, from at least 5 different churches, and including several church leaders.


I was personally even more astonished when we had to put out more chairs shortly after 7.00 on an October Wednesday morning for our 2nd gathering, as 38 turned out to pray! Getting 38 at any prayer meeting sounds good, let alone so early on a weekday!


Subsequent meetings in December & January saw lower numbers, but that included 14 turning up on 6th Jan, when nearly all walked through the snow to get there for 7.00 a.m., and not all youngsters!


We felt it was significant that we were able to meet at the Town Hall, representing as it does the seat of local government authority, just as we were delighted & grateful to have the support, and later some welcome funding, from CTiC- our best representation of spiritual unity and authority in the Clevedon church as a whole.


In terms of results, or fruit if you prefer, on two occasions, a member of our team went to secular events at the Town Hall some days after we had been there and, on entering the room, was deeply impacted by God’s presence. We also heard how, at a local social work centre in the town, some Christians have started to pray together. We were excited when we received some prayer points from a senior officer at the Job Centre, not least because we only read them AFTER we had met, and found we had prayed in line with her specific requests.


We have also had two lots of input from one of the Councillors, on local government matters, plus other encouragements, and we delight in these. If we can’t see God beginning to change the atmosphere and practice in the town, as we seek to align our lives & prayers with His, then we will need to ask Him where we are not yet getting it right!"