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ONE25 PRAYER LETTER - Summer 2011 one25

Dear friends

Sometimes it can be difficult to hold hope for the women we are working with but we feel it is central to our role; recently I met with a woman I have known for 5 years who is 1 month short of her first year of being completely clean. She described how One25 held hope for her even when she had no hope herself and the key role that that played in her finally taking the step into drug treatment. In the midst of the chaos I think we need a reminder of who God is in order to keep our hope alive, I was reminded of His greatness when reading Isaiah 45 again especially v 5-7 and 11-12.


Naomi House

The first residents following the new programme at Naomi House have successfully completed their 12-week treatment and moved on into the community. Some are returning for aftercare at Naomi house for further support.

Please pray for their continued abstinence and for them to continue to build healthier supportive relationships.
Pray for them to continue to build positive and loving relationships with their children and that God guides them and keeps them safe.
Please also pray for the women who need the support of Naomi house, so that they may find their way to us so that we can give them the help and suport that they so deserve.

Staff and Trustees



– on Saturday 28th May Kate became Mrs Golten! Please pray for a long and richly blessed marriage for Kate and Barry!

Please pray for the whole staff team at a time of yet more change, pray for the right appointments and new staff to settle in quickly.

Please pray for wisdom and guidance for the Trustee Board in discharging their duties in an expanding and increasingly complex organisation. Likewise please remember Gill in your prayers as she manages the day to day issues, please pray for wisdom, strength and joy in the task facing her.

Fund Raising Team

Please give thanks that all 24 participants survived the sky dive and raised over £13,000 in the process! The Directors Challenge is going really well, exceeding expectations with over £15,000 being raised from the last one and great links being built in the business community locally. Please pray for wisdom for the team as they develop strategy, for funding avenues to open up, and for creativity for generating income.



We are so thankful to the Lord for His ongoing provision for One25 through many different channels. Please keep praying.

Thanks to those of you who have saved us money by asking to have prayerletters by email: if this came by post but you use email, could we use that in future? Just send your email address with a request for the prayer letter by email to and we’ll change our records. Thank you.


Prayer Times Reminder

We know that we need prayer to underpin all we do. If you would like to pray for One25 on a more regular basis there are two prayer meetings a week, at 1.00 pm on Tuesdays and Fridays. You would be very welcome to join these sessions which last no more than 30 minutes. Please contact Sue in the office if you would like more information.



Thank you again for your ongoing prayer support for One25 and the vulnerable women we help.

Priscilla – please give thanks that there has been a definite shift in her since the last letter. She has softened significantly and is talking about options around treatment again and changing her life. Please pray for ongoing motivation towards change and give thanks.

Jen – moving on from the mother and baby unit now please pray for the ongoing work in the aftercare package and for safety, wellbeing and consolidation for mum and baby.

Elaina – give thanks that she has survived a very bad knife fight and following surgery is hoping to use this opportunity to move on again. Please pray for her to find a way.

Carole – had to leave treatment due to ill health, please pray for a way forward for her and for her ongoing chronic health condition.

Jo – please pray for Jo and her baby, she needs to accept the help being offered and come to a place of insight about the reality of their situation.

Carmen – please pray for her to re-engage after leaving detox and pray for her to get back into treatment as soon as possible.

Dorena – please pray for courage and strength as she considers options around treatment.

Hope – in and out of prison currently has been unable to maintain casework contact, housing or a script when in the community due to high levels of chaos and drug use.

Natalia – struggling to come to terms with many current difficulties she is experiencing. Please pray she accepts support and for real improvement in her situation.

Hazel & Penny – please pray for these two women as they struggle with no access to benefits etc and need to engage with those services that are able to help them.

Thank you so much for your prayers for the women, we really value them. Just to let you know this will be my last prayer letter as I leave at the end of June after seven years here. Please bear with us as we re-shuffle who does this letter and how often it will be sent out. Thank you so much for your ongoing commitment to praying for our wonderful women and the organisation as a whole. We couldn’t do it without you.

We enclose a prayer which we would like to share with you.

Clare McK

Jesus, the disturber, you were impatient with the status quo and defiantly refused to accept the way things were.

You dreamed dreams of justice and created streams of righteousness.

Your way of life was shocking, amazing, challenging.

Jesus, we must walk your way. Strengthen us to be a prophetic community.

Jesus, the liberator who crossed bridges and broke down barriers; who found words for the voiceless and room for the outcasts; who gave dignity and value to those who had no reputation and no name.

The whole creation longs to sing in harmony.

Jesus, we must walk your way. Teach us to be an inclusive community.

Jesus, the Saviour, the risk taker who lost everything; the fool who accepted the shame of the cross; the failure who died a criminal’s death…

Through your poverty we are made rich, for you open to us and to all people the path to resurrection and new life.

Jesus, we must walk your way. Inspire us to be a sacrificial community.

Jesus, the lover who embraced the world with compassion and touched lives with healing; who dared to offer forgiveness and worked to bring reconciliation; who showed the things that make for peace – with God, with one another and with ourselves.

Jesus, we must walk your way. Call us to be a missionary community.

Jesus, the Christ, you are the guide of our living and the shaper of our horizons.

You are the meaning of our living and the song of our hearts.

Help us to trust you, to love you and to serve you.

Jesus, we must walk your way. Renew us to be a worshipping community, now and in the future. Now until your Kingdom comes.

Debbie Garden, FYT YWDA, May 2011