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Tara Mathew and 'In Three Days' Gospel song‏tara mathews thumb

A MOTHER Teresa of pop music is expecting the backing of thousands of British churches for her new single release next week – described as the ‘Passion of the Christ’ in a pop video.

Tara Mathew’s new song ‘In Three Days’ released on 17 July will tell the story of Christ for the first time ever in a commercial pop video – and is probably the biggest budget Christian pop video ever as part of a £100,000+ campaign.

Tara, from Torquay in Devon, was on the verge of pop stardom but quit to work with orphans, the homeless, AID’S and leprosy sufferers in the slums of India, just like Mother Teresa.

She recently returned to pop and is keen to provide an antidote to the current trend for soft porn pop videos criticized last month by Mike Stock – and she has the backing of increasing numbers of churches to promote the song and push it up the charts.

Tara said: “Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera are all excellent pop stars but they have forgotten their responsibility to be positive role models to young people.

“I was offered to do topless shots for my publicity but turned it down. I not only want to be a role model for the young but to be known for my singing talent.

“India helped shape me to be ready for pop fame. My head had become too big. I’d had a lot of success as a teenager and now I was seeing how some people had to live.”

Tara’s video was shot by leading pop promo team N.G. Bristow and Joachim Bergamin. It shows the Cross of Christ and depicts the Christian story in music and language to connect with music lovers.

Aged just 17 Tara sang the opening theme song for the Canada Games and shared the stage with Celine Dion at the Pan-Am Games. She was a ‘musical ambassador’ for the Canadian Government and took plaudits after regularly appearing on national radio and TV.

But with a glittering music career imminent, Tara said she heard God tell her to drop it all and go to work in the slums of India – which she did, just like Mother Teresa.

Tara said: “I felt God was asking me if I would give it all up to serve him. I said yes and I did. It was a call from God. Instead of pursuing my career with a place at the prestigious Salzburg Mozarteum in Austria, I worked with orphans, the homeless, and AIDS and leprosy sufferers.

“I’ve never met anyone with leprosy before, but it was even more awful than I had imagined. Some had their limbs chewed on by rats while they slept as they couldn’t feel it was happening. But I loved the work.

“India helped me. My head had become too big. I’d had a lot of success as a teenager and now I was seeing how some people had to live.”

Tara later married a man she met in India and they ran an ‘outreach’ coffee shop. She found herself singing again at a festival in Bangalore where she was seen by British music manager Kevin Wilson who offered her a contract which brought her to England 18 months ago.

Tara is hoping to go head-to-head with the world’s most famous pop star Lady Gaga in the charts. While Lady Gaga’s controversial song ‘Judas’ has been accused of offending followers of Christianity and her album even banned in Lebanon and Malaysia, Tara is eager to tell people all about God.”

Tara, whose singing style has been likened to Mariah Carey, said: “Lady Gaga is an excellent pop star but seemingly a bit confused about the story of Christ. God is the reason why I left pop stardom. I want to work with the type of people God cared for when He walked the earth as Jesus 2,000 years ago.

Her songs from her forthcoming album ‘Individuality’ are already played through thousands of pubs and nightclubs across the UK.

Kevin said: “Tara is stunning and outstanding. She is a real find with a voice as good as anyone anywhere. She has a fantastic career ahead of her.”

Christians and churches can sign up for the campaign at www.in3days.org