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Living for One World 23-30 October 2011

Valuing and understanding the world and those who live in it.

Living for the Planet

What does it mean to live for one planet?

Valuing the planet and all the life forms that sustain us.  To damage the environment is ultimately to harm us.  Our lifestyle and attitudes must work in co-operation with nature.

Global warming is affecting crops that communities depend on.  Climate change is also likely to be responsible for the increase in weather related disasters which have devastated the lives of countless people around the world, who are already struggling with poverty.

We must share the burden of adapting to a changing climate and care for the planet now before it is too late.

Living for its people

What does it mean to live for its people?

One of the causes of suffering and poverty is greed.  We must share our resources and respect people everywhere.  We are all interlinked and part of each other.  The world is like one body; if one part of that body is in pain, the whole body suffers.  Our actions can have profound effects on others; the smallest action can have a ripple effect to bring positive change.

We must ensure that food is distributed and shared equally and not wasted. 
Nobody in the world should go hungry.

Living and acting for change

Our actions can change the world as we choose what we eat, what we buy, how we travel, how we use our money and time.

Acting together, such as by signing petitions, communicating with decision makers and holding them to account, gives us collective power to influence change towards a fairer and more environmentally sustainable world.