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A request from Kaori Hommakaorihomma

Please read and respond if you can to this appeal from Kaori:
Today I am contacting to ask if at you and your church/ Mentoring group etc. might be able to give practical help for Fukushima Quake victims.
As you might know, the Fukushima Nuclear situation is still very serious and people are still exposed to radiation both through contaminated air,soil,water and food. Even now, still experiencing strong aftershocks everyday
Responding to an request from Japan, I am thinking of a scheme where giving young Japanese artists( young people are more susceptible from the effect of radiation) to have a respite for a short period in UK and at the same time exposing them instead to Christian hospitality. So that they can recover both physically and also spiritually during their short stay.
I have already an offer to accommodate 1-2 artist for a month in a Monastery in Yorkshire. But now wondering if there are more place we can open it up.
All you need to do is to find:
  1. a room to put up a wee Japanese artist
  2. an Extra mouth to feed for 2-4 weeks
  3. a shed or Garage to keep artist happy to work in.
  4. a fund raising (event) to meet artist's flight cost which is about £750

It is a tall order to consider as an individual but if a group of people got together sponsoring is not an impossible task. ( £10 each x75 people)

I know you already helped by putting me in touch with Mentoring people and some of them donated their works for a show in Japan which God has blessed very much, but this is another way you can help and also in return get back some interesting input from young Japanese artists, and make connections over there.
If you can help, please let me know, as there is additional information from Kaori.
Peace and Love,
Geoff HALL