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Global Day of Prayer at Wembley‏global day of prayer


The Global Day of Prayer London took place at Wembley on Saturday 17th, with a group going from Bristol. 

This event was for church leaders from all denominations along with prayer leaders and “marketplace” leaders. There were around 1000 people.


Here is a summary of what took place: it's exciting!


Calling everyone to the secret place of prayer so we don’t do things in our own strength but from the place of prayer.

Average prayer time per day for a pastor in S Korea = 2hrs, China = 1.5hrs, USA = 15min.  UK ?


A key theme was unity and leaders from the many, many different church groups came to the front and were prayed for together.  

Stand together as one against the enemy. War on our knees in the spirit, don’t fight one another.


Vision of groups (all sizes) across the UK praying the Lord’s prayer, seen as lights; the dots are being joined together.

A call for each one of us to set an alarm and stop at midday everyday and pray the Lord’s prayer.


Vision of Wembley stadium full, all different nationalities, no one in the pulpit. The Lord said “when my people gather together I am the one that speaks”. 



Remember the royal wedding day?

The Olympics will be like this in terms of public interest at home and worldwide x17days.

This is a major opportunity for churches to engage with their communities.  

Resource info on www.morethangold.org.uk   Each church is encouraged to have a “gold champion” to sign up as a point of contact via the website.

There is a need for street pastors for airports and stations and venues, and for teams to pray to prayer walk the torch relay route.
Contact Grant Sheppard for more about this in the Bristol region.


God wants to transform this nation so we can again unstop the wells of mission across the world.”

Many people have been called to come here from nations across the world to help us.

The world is praying for us.”


We have >300 language groups living in London.


Strategic time to mobilise London. They have worked in cities around the world and are bringing teams to London for 2012 to enable transformation.     


The baton is being passed to the next generation. God is raising up youth in the nation to be radical in their discipleship.

Older leaders praying for those under 30 (many there).


There is a big discrepancy between what God has made available to us and what is actually happening in our everyday lives and the amount of fruitfulness.

Call for all to get serious about deep repentance, which leads to deep change.

Don’t pray for revival – get revived.

Lay down our own glory and let God do in us what we cannot do in ourselves. It is costly.


Colin Urquhart was part of a big revival in early 1980s. He felt the Lord said to him that this revival season would be transient, but that God would bring a future revival and that time it would sweep across the UK. This promise will be fulfilled when the leadership of the nation invited him to speak with them (as was now happening at Wembley).   Colin was asked to speak at this leaders’ event and questioned why he had been chosen.  Jonathan Oloyede said it was because Colin’s name kept coming to him to invite him to speak. 


After this we closed in worship and the biggest, brightest, longest-lasting rainbow I have ever seen arced across London, visible through the glass wall at the back of the meeting hall.  God keeps His promises. See an interview by one of the Bristol group:

The theme for the day was Carry the Torch, but we left with the message “Become the torch” that will set this nation ablaze with God’s love.


Wembley directors wanted to hold a religious event at the stadium and offered the church 50% discount to come. 

29 Sept 2012 will be a national day of prayer for all at Wembley.


30 Nov 2011 day of prayer and fasting for the nation

27 May 2012 Pentecost. Call for local events to join up and pray for the nation.