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Bristol 2050 “The peoples plan” Democracy 2.0: Open source utopia

bristol 2050

When: Saturday 21st Jan, 2pm - 4pm
Where: Trinity Centre, Trinity Road, Bristol, City of Bristol, BS2 0NW
Website: http://bristol2050.org.uk/2012/01/08/democracy-2-0-open-source-utopia/

We are writing to invite you to be involved in our 2050 process.

Bristol 2050 is an attempt to use a partipatory process, through a series of open public meetings, to plan a sustainable and fair future for our cities inhabitants.

We feel we need to see radical systemic change. We are interested in
exploring how much we can achieve as a city region.

Together can we come up with a local system of food production and distribution that is fair?

Can we build a local transport system that will survive peak oil?

Can we build a local energy system that will sustain us?

With the 2050 stuff we want to free ourselves just for a moment from the'here and now'. It does no harm to imagine what society we wish to see in the future.

If we as a city have some coherence about what we would like the future to be like, then the steps to get there will become clearer to everyone.

We see this 2050 process as a long term project that we hope will get
national and international attention. We also hope that it will also
inspire practical actions to move us towards a fairer future.

We are inviting a whole cross section of Bristol, and attempting to build a discussion that is truly representative.

We would value your input into the Bristol 2050 planning process. The
initial meeting on the 21st Jan is mainly just an introduction to the Open Space process we are proposing to use. It would be great if you were interested in coming along to find out how the process works.

If you wanted to suggest an alternate process, this would be the meeting to do it at. You might however want to wait until the main 2050 planning process get's underway in Febuary. The choice is yours.

The first planning meeting is 21/1/12 2pm - 4pm at Trinity centre It will be a Open space meeting:http://bit.ly/xx0mxh

More information on the proposed 2050 process is here:

Please forward to anyone you think might be interested.

In solidarity

Occupy Bristol 2050 working group