ISR: Churches for Work and Social Justice News Briefing

In March 2012, ISR started a new chapter as it became a fully independent organisation. As it continues to work with and for the Diocese of Bristol, Director of ISR, Jon Doble highlights ways in which ISR can resource your parish.


“ISR’s core aim is to provide churches with resources which can help them tackle issues of social and environmental justice and in the workplace.

“This short news briefing which will form part of the Monthly Diocesan News is just one aspect of our approach. We include here a selection of items both specific to ISR and of a more general nature which you may find useful and informative.

“Formed out of the Diocese of Bristol in 1996 to work ecumenically across the region, ISR has worked for the last 15 years with and on behalf of the Diocese in relation to social and environmental justice, social responsibility, faith in the workplace and ‘industrial chaplaincy’.

“In March 2012, ISR came out of the legal umbrella of the Diocese of Bristol so that it can be formally independent. Although ISR is entering into a new kind of relationship with the Diocese, we will continue to work on the Diocese’s behalf and support parish churches as together we seek to grow in influence in our communities and society for the sake of God’s Kingdom.”

If you would like to know more about ISR please contact us at phone: 0117 955 7430, email:  or online:

Source: Diocese of Bristol