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Words for Bristol

A taster extract from prophetic words for Bristol 1995-2012.

The original words contain so much more.

This is a city that has destiny over it… a resource city, an apostolic city. A city of missionaries and warriors that God would export across the nations. Graham Cooke 1995

God is going to restore the Wesleyan anointing to Bristol… Isaiah 61 anointing… Bristol will be a gateway city. Mark Stibbe 2002

The ships are going to be launched again, but this time not with slaves, but with sons and daughters, to set the captives free, to break the chains of slavery. Mark Stibbe 2010

Bristol… is destined to be a city of refuge. It has a destiny to be a place where the nations can gather. … There are many international connections that God will give to Bristol. There will be redemptive pathways for the slave trade. Again it will be a place of training with a particular gifting to release evangelists. Martin Scott 2002

Something opens and shuts in Bristol. It is a pivotal place… prophetic gate. Rachel Hickson 2008

Bristol is to be the start of a spring that will increase in volume. Jill Gallop 2005

Bristol is the door handle…wisdom is like a river going down from here to the West Country… into Wales and all over to the rest of the world. Christine Larkin 2005

Bristol is a port and it's going to be a portal, a place where there is an open heaven. Mark Stibbe 2010

Music…redemptive anointing in this area to bring forth a new sound. Sharon Stone 2005

An innovative inventive spirit… a pioneering breakthrough city. Rachel Hickson 2004

Bristol will be a strong fortified permanent beacon… A voice for the justice of God. A forerunner for breakthrough in alcoholism, marriage and adultery. Rachel Hickson 2001

On the streets of London, on the streets of Birmingham, on the streets of Bristol, you will witness people repenting and coming to Jesus... Nobody will recognize this is the same Bristol... People will say to you, “What is the secret? Where did you get this from?” Little will they know that I have always had a remnant. I have always had a people…that have not stopped wrestling in the spirit and have cried out to Me. Chris Daza (Burundi) 2006

History of the persecution of and finally the expulsion of the Jews from Bristol during the 1100s and 1200s as very significant. First they were taxed to help fund the Crusades - done in the name of Jesus but effectively persecuting both Jews and Muslims. This sin against the Jews was an effective breaking of covenant that then allowed for the Knights Templars to come in to take the financial ground; from there the door was opened for the Masonic (which is very strong in Bristol). From there wrong alliances were formed particularly when the slave trade took root between the church and the slave traders. So many of the churches were financed from that source. This wrong alliance then means that today there are blockages between partnerships of civic & church spheres. Martin Scott 2002

We’re not just dealing with the old issues of slavery, we’re not just dealing with the old issues of the Masonic, we’re not just dealing with greed or an abuse of funds, we’re dealing with here, a 3 fold cord. Sharon Stone 2005

Slavery in many to wealth or drugs or other negative things, but also a spirit of slavery in Christians. ? speaker 2004

An imprisoning slave trade principality still has considerable influence over the city… If this influence is not removed beforehand then there will be circular movements [ie falling back into old problems] in a future revival in Bristol instead of forward movement. Steve Dobbs 2003

Bristol is a place where the underlying roots are slavery, and it is a tactic of the enemy against us right now. He comes in with doubt, discouragement, disbelief, and we quickly move into self-will and self-pride and cease to be effective because we are flowing by head knowledge and not by Godly knowledge.
A key hole: there are many keys that could be used in a keyhole, but only two that will enable you to open it by My Spirit into the fullness that you need. They are: The
key of David (praise) and The key of My revelation knowledge (not human knowledge). Carolyn Bounds 2004

Spiritual strongholds over Bristol are complacency and the Jezebel spirit (otherwise known as the spirit of deception). … To engage in this spiritual battle we will need to be in unity and corporate solidarity. Debs Harrison 2011

You cannot work for unity, unity is a fruit that is borne as the trees’ roots are watered with tears of repentance and covenantal love. Sheena Tranter 2011

As the church continues to pray, churches will come together. Boundaries will be crossed, unity will be established, and people will come together as one for one cause. The bridge represents connections, stepping out, launching out in the deep. A bridge is supported by strong foundations and pillars. Charmayne 2011

Leaders need to develop an attitude that says “We must not give up”… the Holy Spirit wants to resurrect your dream and vision. Something is about to break out. Mark Stibbe 2010

There is a fire about to come. It is a fire of holiness… I believe there’s a move of the Holy Spirit coming of both intimacy and purity. Purity and a holy fear of the Lord. It will get very uncomfortable when the fire comes if we have sin. Mark Stibbe 2009

What I have been sensing in my heart is that the churches, it’s not that they’re not worshiping, but they are not willing to pay a price. Nicodemus (Uganda) 2011

Daniel, the prophets, they all had a certain characteristic… No agendas, no concerns, nothing, but they just put their heart in front of God and said ‘what do You want?’ William (Taiwan) 2011

Follow My Word, obey My Word. Don’t be quick to do things before You hear from Me. Don’t do works. In My due time I will raise you up. Wait on Me, seek My face, I am coming... Humble yourself, come before Me and wait upon Me… You can’t do anything without Him. Nicodemus (Uganda) 2011

That anointing the Lord has given us to break that yoke of slavery that comes through the greed and the mammon and the pride and those things. But… we must come against those things in ourselves first to give us any authority. The Lord would have us examine our own hearts first before we go into battle. Sheena Tranter 2012

As we pray, and we pray from pure hearts, what God will do will be a work of God, it will not be a work of man. It will not be from how we try to manipulate and coerce people into doing anything, it will be a supernatural work from God. Michelle Di Somma 2011

I will break down the very things that they say could not be broken… I am not looking for great men and women, I am looking for availability. For those that are willing to be available to Me… I will do a quick work in Bristol. And I will shake the very foundations, for My Name’s sake, that people will know that I am still alive. Russell Blackman 2010

I have never felt this as strong for any other city. You are on the brink of something in the midst of this city… Bristol is on the brink of something igniting, not just to affect this city but to affect this nation. Sharon Stone 2005

I have taken you to the corners of the earth. Look at the language that covers the earth. How can I forget you?… I will use the UK one more time to step into its apostolic calling and establish my kingdom in the earth. Pr Chris Daza (Burundi) 2006