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Rob Scott Cook

Woodlands and Celebration Churches

"Prayer is a key to releasing God's purposes for our region and Arise Bristol will be a wonderful opportunity for united prayer, proclamation and worship."

Nigel Coles

Senior Regional Baptist Minister

"I knowit's not long, but seriously pray about cancelling local events, so we can make it the biggest crowd this season” at the stadium.

Keith Hagon

Chairman of Bristol District Evangelical Alliance

"Bristol is a city of heritage and we have lost sight of what that is all about, and I think we need to come together and recognise that that heritage has to be reclaimed in our day."

Nick Tarr

Charismatic Renewal

"This event is all about bringing the light of Christ into the darkness and into the challenges of the city."

Rev Jon Doble

Chairman of Churches Together in Greater Bristol

"What we see all too often is our ability as church to focus on things that divide us the things that keep us apart and different. This is a real opportunity to come together and focus on the things that unite us, that bind us together in who we are and this event will help us do that. "

Rev Richard McKay

St Nicholas of Tolentino

"That this event takes place on Pentecost Sunday is so important because Pentecost has always been about drawing the whole body of Christ together in unity and empowering us to be a sign and servant of unity and peace to the world."

David Morris

Christians in Sport.

"As someone that works with students in this city, what really excites me about this event is the opportunity to join with believers of all nations of all generations to recommit it to the Lord."

Andy Busfield


"This is a chance for the church to submit themselves to God and leave anything of the past behind and just join together and pursue Gods heart for His church."

Keith Hagon

Chairman of Bristol District Evangelical Alliance

"It's a God inspired vision to bring Christians together into this place and I think we need to support that because we need to see more of God, we are all hungry for more of his presence, and we need to respond to his call when he gives it. "

Camilla Paget

Pray for Bristol

"What I love about this event is everyone is welcome, so whatever age or background or where you're coming from you can come and meet God in the place of prayer and worship"

Roger Allen

Forum for Change/Bristol networks

"This isn't just about gathering across the whole church but we've got key people there from the different spheres of life, art, media, politics, business, education and so in, because this is just a catalyst that will carry on to help bring transformation across the Bristol region.

I just want to see Bristol being changed, and this is key a part of that process, so be there. "

Rev Jon Doble

Chairman of Churches Together in Greater Bristol

"This is an event that will unite us to think about as Christians how we put our faith to work, what difference it makes to us, and to come together in unity to think about what difference we can make to Bristol, and have a real impact in the name of the church unified, and that's my passion for being there today."

Pr. Raymond Veira

BBCC Church of God of Prophecy.

"I think this is a wonderful occasion, I think it will change the spirit of this city forever. And seeing Gods people united in prayer can only do good for the city. What I hope to come from this is that we will begin to unite in other events such as the Wembley conference in September. We will then see people from right throughout the nation coming together to pray into almighty God. I think everyone should make it their duty to be at the event on the 27th May at Ashton Gate because this will have a profound effect on your life."

Rev. Philip Nott

Easton Christian Family Centre

"We are going to be repenting of the way the church has not been what it has needed to be for the city. We haven't been the united body of Christ that we need to be, we haven't been the place of welcome for all that we should have been. We haven't been the place where people can find the love and justice that God offers because of our disunity and our unwillingness to follow the way of the cross."

Prs Gerry and Michelle Di Somma

Carmel Centre

"I do believe that as we come together in the unity of the spirit we can trust God for a mighty out pouring of His Spirit, I do believe that it is the power and Spirit if God that will effect change not only in our city but also in our nation.

And this is an exciting time because we do believe that Bristol is the gateway, Bristol being called a bridge, the bridge to the great out pouring of this nation, of the Holy Spirit and into Europe. So we see this going onto London as a great and exciting time where God will meet us in a very personal and intimate way to touch our nation in a very dynamic way."

Bishop Renford Brown

Chairman of Bristol Black Churches Council

"And through this event which is the starting point I believe that prayer in London is going to be an earth shaking event where over 80,000 people meeting together to pray to a mighty God, God must move and I believe in it."

As a minister in Bristol I'm calling on all Christians everywhere around Bristol to cooperate and join in on the 27th."

Pr Silas Crawley

Hope Chapel

"I'm excited about this because it feels like the next step in something that God has been doing for many years here and I think it's a big step. "

Camilla Paget

Pray for Bristol

"When i take a step back and see God unravelling this beautiful plan it's so exciting knowing that it's going to be a catalyst for what He is doing already and what He's yet to do in Bristol. "

Jonathan Oloyede

Chairman Global Day of Prayer

"I believe this is the time for the nation to rise up in prayer, I believe that England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the British Isles needs the fire of Pentecost and the vision I saw different lights all over the nation people praying and at Pentecost I believe that the fire of God can fall and that is why i believe this event in Bristol will spark off a fire in this city and indeed in this nation that will sweep across the British Isles and this time I believe God wants to release people into prayer and we use this as a platform together to move towards Wembley on September 29th 2012 I believe the lord will use this as a catalyst in Jesus name.

So please wherever you are wherever you are listening to this we'd like you to come down and be there to pray with the believers together in unity. When believers come together in unity something happens God comes and the fire of God comes upon his church. The church was birthed in a prayer meeting, it was a prayer meeting that launched a mission across the world and it's a prayer meeting that's going to revive this nation. God bless you"