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Bristol Mayor Elections

A few months ago, we had to vote yes or no to a city mayor, the majority of folk that turned out to vote for a mayor in Bristol voted yes, therefore on the 15th November 2012 another vote takes place to choose the new mayor for the city. However, this is not the usual ceremonial mayor but an individual with power and a budget to do things, more like the mayor of London, it's important to vote and choose someone to help steer our city to a brighter more sustainable future.

Below the candidates are listed in alphabetical order by surname, some with links to their websites/social networking sites and manifestos etc check them out and make an informed choice:

For a quick concise overview of the candidates intentions see this BBC article listing all the potentials: Click Here

If you haven't yet attended a hustings, perhaps go and see them all in action, places are free but limited so to book: Click Here

Let the new Mayor, whoever it may be, know what you want with your three wishes in Bristol's Manifesto: Click Here

For an article with most of the candidates opinions and intentions on the important issue of Transport, see the latest edition of The Spark (page 53): Click Here

Tom Baldwin - Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalitiontombaldwin

Website: www.tusc.org.uk

The youngest candidate, representing the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, is anti-cuts, opposes austerity and "attacks" on the NHS, he also promises to reopen seven day centres and eight care homes closed in Bristol, reduce ticket prices and conserve jobs in public transport.

Tom was recently quoted by the BBC as saying:
I am standing to oppose austerity, to provide an alternative to the cuts and privatisation agenda that is being driven by the Con-Dem government"


Tony Britt

Tony Britt - Independent


Website: www.twitter.com/TonyBritt1

Tony Britt from Knowle West, uses his time doing some volunteering work, as he's presently unemployed. Having experienced homelessness in 2010, he pledges to bring back the tram system in Bristol and to use £10,000 of his mayoral income to allow children to enjoy Hippodrome shows.

Tony was quoted by the BBC recently saying:
"I would like people to wake up to our youth projects, and create more. My next passion is people on benefits. I would like to come up with shops, or come up with new business ideas, that give the word dignity back to those who are on benefits and disabled people"

tim collins
Tim Collins - Independent

Website: www.facebook.com/TimCollins4Mayor


Transport - http://www.thespark.co.uk/this-issue.html

Tim Collins a retired planning consultant and former Avon County councillor from Lockleaze, promises to stop the redevelopment of Filton Airfield, create jobs, link Bristol's transport hubs and attempt to make a 'Greater Bristol' authority.

Tim was recently quoted by the BBC saying:
"It is imperative that we properly design and implement a truly integrated transport system and I would use my experience to ensure that transport hubs are fully linked so that we can negate Bristol's chronic traffic problems."

dave dobbs
Dave Dobbs - The Birthday Party

Website: www.thebirthdayparty.org.uk


Cycling - http://www.lifecycleuk.org.uk/davedobbs

Dave Dobbs, self proclaimed political activist, writer and puppeteer believes the water that caused the Great Flood was from Mars. He promises to promote sustainable energy and implement community food production.

Dave was quoted by the BBC recently saying:
"I haven't really got a manifesto. The truth is that I am going to do everything through social networks, like internet, twitter, just to keep total transparency. We can try and turn Bristol into a garden city where we can grow our own food, and we can really go into green energies and alternative energies. That is my manifesto really, if you can call it a manifesto"

george ferguson
George Ferguson - Bristol 1st

Website: http://www.bristol1st.com/


Transport - http://www.thespark.co.uk/this-issue.html
Cycling - http://www.lifecycleuk.org.uk/node/135

George Ferguson, architect, owner of the Tobacco Factory and formly Bristol's first liberal councillor has lived and worked in Bristol 47 years. He sees his purpose as mayor to make Bristol famous, safer, healthy, sort out the transport, create education, skills and jobs. He was an independent candidate, but later registered Bristol 1st as a party.

George was recently quoted by the BBC saying:
""My only purpose is to make a better city for us all. I have no personal ambition beyond Bristol where I have lived and worked for 47 years. As an independent mayor I shall put Bristol first and work to restore pride in the city."

Rich FisherRich Fisher - Independent


Website: www.mephistos-island.co.uk

Rich Fisher a currently unemployed graphic designer, who wishes to rid the city centre of all traffic, innovate new businesses creation to revive manufacturing, save current jobs and services and preserve the cities trees. He's against the 'ill thought out Bristol Rapid Transit' proposal but supports completion of the arena.

Rich was quoted by the BBC recently saying:
"What I'd like to see for Bristol is the revival of manufacturing in the city. Made in Great Bristol. We've a vast range of talent here, that combined into a 12-business co-op model can produce quality goods that can compete on a global scale."

stoney Garnett
Stoney Garnett - Independent

Stoney Garnett a Bristolian comedian, retired postman and football referee from Whitchurch, known for wearing a red hat and shoes, wishes to focus on care homes, elderly drop-in centres, fairer public transport costs, finishing ring roads to ease congestion and entertainment and sports arenas.

Stoney was recently quoted by the BBC saying:
"I would like to start by reminding people that I am standing as a Bristolian for the people of Bristol without any hidden agendas."

Owain George - Independent

Website: http://www.owaingeorge4greatbristol.co.uk/

Owain George a Clifton pub landlord, is pro cars and wants more running through Bristol, wishes to reduce council rules & regulations, return unused council buildings to community use and start a text poll to keep in touch with Bristolians.

Owain was quoted by the BBC recently saying:
"Number one we recognise that cars are the preferred means of travel. That does not mean that we are against bicycles, or buses or public transport in general. I am sure I will make mistakes but I will make them for the right reasons"

geoff gollop
Geoff Gollop - Conservative

Website: www.geoffgollop.org.uk


Transport - http://www.thespark.co.uk/this-issue.html
Cycling - http://www.lifecycleuk.org.uk/geoffgollop

Geoff Gollop a chartered accountant and former Lord Mayor of Bristol from Henleaze representing the Conservative party, would reduce costs of public transport with a similar system to Oyster cards in London, encourage cycling, allocate school places a year in advance and educate deprived communities. 

Geoff was recently quoted by the BBC saying:
"Inequality is a disgrace. Training and aspiration for the most deprived areas, create jobs, provide affordable housing and affordable transport."

neil maggs
Neil Maggs - Respect

Website: www.maggsformayor.com


Transport - http://www.thespark.co.uk/this-issue.html
Cycling - http://www.lifecycleuk.org.uk/node/155

Neil Maggs a qualified accountant representing the Respect party, currently working as a school bursar, is anti-cuts and will put people before profit, jobs and housing are key manifesto points, refurbishing all Bristol's empty properties, keeping care homes public, no privatisation.

Neil was quoted by the BBC recently saying:
"Most of all I am going to oppose the cuts that we have been seeing, nationally and locally over recent years, which I say have caused so much damage. What we need to see is investment, not cuts"


spud murphy
Spud Murphy - Independent

Spud Murphy a former Conservative councillor, has lived in Bristol for 10 years and believes to know how it works. He has concerns about Bristols traffic congestion and associated pollution and wishes to turn off the traffic lights at roundabouts one at a time.

Spud was recently quoted by the BBC saying:
"It is no good having a candidate that is political because you might as well not bother with the mayor at all. My first priority would be to get the centre back as it was so it is running like a proper roundabout."


philip pover
Philip Pover - Independent    

Website: http://www.philip-pover.co.uk/

Philip Pover an IT consultant from Sea Mills who has lived in Bristol for 30 years, is not into party politics and has a lot of ideas, like how to improve transport, protect green spaces from being sold off and listening to the people of Bristol.

Philip was quoted by the BBC recently saying:
"Every year the streets of Bristol seem to get more and more choked up and it doesn't have to be like that. I've got some ideas of how things could be improved for public transport users and also for private."

daniella radice
Daniella Radice - Green

Website: www.daniellaformayor.wordpress.com


Transport - http://www.thespark.co.uk/this-issue.html
Cycling - http://www.lifecycleuk.org.uk/node/155

Daniella Radice a former energy consultant representing the Green party, will create cheap, reliable and integrated public transport, give power away to democratically elected neighbourhood councils, produce a green city generating its own energy and growing its own food, which in turn will create jobs.

Daniella was recently quoted by the BBC saying:
"My vision for a green Bristol is a city that is both green and more equal. All our policies are interlinked and set out in my manifesto. A green city is a city where small business's thrive and where the council spends its money on more local businesses which create proportionately more jobs than large ones"

marvin rees
Marvin Rees - Labour

Wesbite: www.marvin4bristol.com


Transport - http://www.thespark.co.uk/this-issue.html
Cycling - http://www.lifecycleuk.org.uk/node/155

Marvin Rees an NHS manager and former BBC and ITV journalist representing the Labour party, will introduce a living wage, build 4000 houses, make transport more affordable, connected and convenient, help women back to work, build an arena and create an apprenticeship hub.

Marvin was quoted by the BBC recently saying:
"My vision for Bristol is a world-class city, a great place to live and work, in which people are connected and where we care about each other and our planet. I believe our city's success will be tied to our ability to tackle the poverty and inequality that has undermined Bristol's performance in the past."


jon rogers

Jon Rogers - Liberal Democrat

Website: www.jonrogers.org.uk


Transport - http://www.thespark.co.uk/this-issue.html
Cycling - http://www.lifecycleuk.org.uk/node/155

Jon Rogers deputy leader of the city council a retired GP representing the Liberal Democrats party, wants jobs for all residents, a quality transport system, the best education, care and health services and will support parks, leisure centres, libraries and schools.

Jon was recently quoted by the BBC saying:
"Bristol residents deserve the best. If elected I will promote jobs, training and apprenticeships. I will seek the same powers as Boris Johnson enjoys in London, allowing Bristol control over fares, routes and frequency of buses."



BBC: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-bristol-19018017
The Spark: http://www.thespark.co.uk/this-issue.html
Life Cycle: http://www.lifecycleuk.org.uk/bristolmayor
Bristol Culture: http://bristolculture.wordpress.com/