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Becky's murderer never charged Sign the Petition

Just a few weeks left to sign the petitionBecky 2
Becky Godden-Edwards was a beautiful woman who was much loved and is sadly missed by her family and One25; a Bristol charity supporting street sex-working women. Tragically, Becky was murdered in 2003 and her suspected killer, Christopher Halliwell, confessed: however he escaped all charges for her murder due a loophole in the law. 
Please sign the petition, started by Karen's mother, to ask the government to urgently review Code C of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act [PACE] to ensure future families do not have to suffer what Becky's family have gone through.
One25 remembers Becky as a bright, sensitive, pretty girl in her late teens. She had a huge amount of potential – to go to University, help others, reunite with her mother – but she struggled with a heroin addiction and worked the streets to fund her habit. Becky often said how much she missed her family but did not want to hurt them. We encouraged her to ring her mum to let her know she was still alive. Even through her addiction, Becky sent Karen a mothers day card without fail each year.

n 2002, Becky went missing. On 4th April 2011, on what would have been her 29th birthday, Christopher Halliwell confessed that he had murdered both Becky and Sian O’Callaghan and led detective Steve Fulcher to two places where he’d buried each woman. Halliwell was found guilty of murdering Sian O’Callaghan, to whom he was forensically linked, but escaped charges for Becky’s murder. Astoundingly, evidence of his confession was ruled inadmissible by the court as, in his hope of finding Sian still alive, Fulcher had not risked delays but instead breached the PACE rules on how to question suspects.
We now have only nine weeks left to secure 100,000 signatures for this petition be considered in parliament. We have captured lots of paper signatures and few online signatures. Please also write to your local MP with this campaign, asking him to raise it in the House of Commons.
We hope that with the support of big names on social media and lots of press coverage, we can gain the attention of the government. Please share this petition request with others to raise awareness of this tragedy, change an inflexible law and give Becky's mother Karen some closure.

For more on this story, see Becky's webpage, follow #justiceforbecky @one25charity on Twitter or Facebookread the latest news or hear Monday's radio interview with mum, Karen Edwards and One25 manager, Josie Forsyth