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"Welcoming and serving those from all walks of life"


Have a look at this colourful, joyful video of the fantastic St Mark's Community Cafe showcasing the wonderful work they do and service they provide to the community in Easton and share it with your friends, family and co-workers etc, spread the joy!

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The Story:

As is so often the case with such success stories, the road to achieving the desired goal was a long and sometimes arduous one...

Lesley's Story (Cafe Co-ordinator/Wonder Woman): St Marks Community Cafe 4

The Beginnings...Dream/Vision:

“1989 I had a dream/vision that God wanted to do something in Easton using the gifts that I have. I'm passionate about food and about people. It took a couple of years of thinking and prayer before anything was taken to the church."

The idea found new life and possibilities:

“...others in the area also started looking at the possibility of a cafe, a safe, warm, welcoming place which would serve more than food... the whole idea gained momentum...applied for some funding and here we are 24 years later!”

St Marks Community Cafe 1Future vision:

“Our hope is to make a difference in peoples lives, not just us, for God to make a difference in peoples lives. We can do this by serving, by sharing and you know our little caption: "we serve more than food", we want to fill people both physically and spiritually here in Easton, that is what the cafe is all about”. - Lesley

With faith, hope and perseverance, many years later, St Mark's Community Cafe and Foodbank is the result, serving amazing food and offering support to folks in need:

Both physically...

- Folk who don't have enough food for the week, through the Foodbank outlet (
- Incredibly cheap tasty food.
- It's gifted to those who can't pay.
- Providing a warm welcoming shelter from the elements, with hot food and drink.

and spiritually...

- Though friendship
- Sharing/Talking
- Prayer
- Helping to bring a diverse community together.

St Marks Community Cafe 3Request for Volunteers:

To maintain regular opening times St Mark's Community Cafe relies on volunteers to help... could this be you? Gain experience and help run a wonderful community asset!

For more information and for volunteer opportunities don't hesitate to contact Lesley.
Telephone: 07804733827
Cafe Website:

"Serving the community both physically and spiritually"


East Bristol Foodbank:

Fridays: 2pm - 4-30pm at:-
St Marks Community Cafe, St Marks Road, Easton, BS5 6HX
Foodbank Website:
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