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TotSlot Training

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On the 26th January 17 delegates gathered in St Bartholomew’s Church to take part in the first Bristol TotSlot training session for the National Parenting Initiative.  The delegates came from all over the city drawn from a wide variety of professions, from early years practitioners to community workers, GP’s and psychiatrists. Ten different church groups were represented.

Camilla Douglas, who started the successful companies ‘Insight Parenting Ltd’ and then 'Grobrain Ltd', ran the training session.  totslot 2Her focus for the session was on the work she has developed around attachment and neuroscience, which shows that the foundations for emotional, social and cognitive development are laid in pregnancy and the early years when the brain is developing most rapidly.  Camilla is passionate about equipping practitioners with both the research into this area of child development and ways in which to communicate this important information to parents. 
The session was both highly informative and practical.  Camilla gave a comprehensive overview of the issues around attachment, and participants were invited to consider how they might use the training within their own communities and contexts.  It was clear that equipping parents with understanding about the developing brain and the influence they have on emotional, social and cognitive development can be powerful and transformative.  Another training day is taking place in Bath in May and a further one is being organised for Tonbridge.   If others would like training to come to their area please contact Camilla Douglas at  or Jane Auld at .