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Creation Paints - YWAM Bristol Art Gallery

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As mentioned in our April update we hosted one of the venues for the Southbank Arts Trail, weekend of 16th April.  We had a very successful weekend and feel very pleased with how the gallery turned out.  Although we were on the edge of the Arts Trail area a good number of people made the trip down our rugged stairs to see what “Creation Paints” had in store for them.

Our tagline for the brochure was: “a collective of artists exploring spirituality through art” and we felt like some people, came open to see and experience something more than just some nice paintings.  A few even hunted us down because of the use of the word spirituality in the brochure.  Most of the conversation was light hearted and didn't venture into anything beyond the everyday but it was a connection point with the community; a first conversation.  Some took time over particular sections of the gallery and it was interesting to see how each of the contributing artists made an impact on different people.  Some would immediately be drawn to Abbey’s small, intricate and detailed pieces, others to Rossie’s unorthodox use of tea, coffee and other edibles as paint.  Abbey and Phil were able to connect with the other participating artists after the event in a post-trail social. We met the organisers and are considering being more involved next year.  Regardless of what we decide, we are all encouraged to explore this avenue more and hope to do more gallery’s, perhaps some workshops and open painting sessions with local artistic folk.  Two prayer requests from this are firstly for the people who were impacted by the gallery, that God would continue to speak to them and secondly for us, that we would hear God regarding next steps.

Source: www.ywambristol.org