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The people of Bristol's desire to support the refugees of the world!

Articles within Bristol networks from as far back as 2011 have been viewed many times recently and the people who's contact details are posted there contacted, even though some have moved on etc. One article in particluar had several folks contact details listed and has needed regular editing to change details/information etc. It has now been removed however and replaced instead with this article, as it was about how to assist aslum seekers/refugees through Bristol Refugee Rights (BRR).

Given the epic scale of the refugee crisis today, many people are wanting to help however they can, here's some information and links to follow on how best to Support/Donate from BRR.


There are many ways you can support BRR to deliver its diverse range of services to asylum seekers and refugees.

Give – a regular or one off donation enables us to build our unrestricted funds allowing us to be flexible in the way we tailor our services.

Other ways to support:

Fundraise – walk, run, cycle, bake, car boot, whatever is ‘your thing’.  Please contact the office to let us know your idea and we’ll let you know how we can support you with forms, publicity and more.

Volunteer – Volunteers give time, knowledge and skills without which we could not run the services which we do.

Donate items –Asylum seekers can bring a minimum of clothes and personal items with them and usually cannot work until they are granted leave to remain.  Asylum seekers who have their case refused do not even have access to money for food or shelter.  We provide a free shop and bags of food for people who are destitute.  For the items we can and cannot take please click here.

No gift of time or money is ever too small.  Thank you.

Designated funds

The Destitution Fund – This fund pays for asylum seekers in Bristol to avoid and prevent destitution. The fund prioritises costs which will assist people in changing their situation and pursuing their right to safety, mainly by paying for travel to Croydon to claim asylum, travel to Cardiff and Liverpool to submit fresh claims & further submissions, travel to see solicitors for appeals or fresh claims where the only one able to assist is outside Bristol, to asylum appeals where the person is not entitled to Home Office travel tickets, and travel to stay temporarily with friends to avoid destitution.  The fund also pays for immediate needs for newly arrived asylum seekers – eg nappies, sanitary supplies, baby milk, immediate food, and health or prescription costs where people are not yet eligible. The fund is run with Borderlands and Refugee Action.

LARA – The Lorraine Ayensu Refugee Arts Fund is a memorial fund creating opportunities to bring refugee musicians with other musicians at concerts, festivals and jamming sessions.

Danny Vincent, who coordinates the fund for BRR said, “Performance allows musicians to communicate and connect to audiences and other performers at a level that transcends language barriers.”

Source: www.bristolrefugeerights.org