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EU Referendum

It probably hasn't escaped your notice that on 23 June 2016 – just 45 days from now – the UK will go to the polls again, this time to have our say on membership of the European Union.

The EU Referendum has stirred strong feelings amongst politicians and members of the public alike – and rightly so.  This is a key decision which will have considerable bearing on the future of the United Kingdom and our relationship with the rest of Europe for years to come.
Although CARE does not take an official position on membership of the EU, our desire is to serve you as you consider the many issues involved before casting your vote.  To this end we have provided lots of information on our website to help you make an informed and prayer-filled decision on 23 June.

Please visit where you will find:
  • A summary of the key arguments for and against membership of the EU
  • Articles outlining a Christian case for ‘Brexit’ and ‘Remain’ from David Burrowes MP and Stephen Timms MP respectively
  • Information about how the EU works and some ideas to help you think through the issues
  • Resources to help you pray, including a week of prayer leading up to and beyond polling day
  • Further information about helpful websites and articles to consider, including the latest information on what your MP thinks
Please join us in praying that we would all know God’s wisdom as we prepare to vote as well as praying for wisdom for our political leaders.  Pray too for integrity in the Referendum process and for the country to remain united whatever the result.

I trust that the information at will prove useful as you consider how to cast your vote on 23 June.

Yours in Christ,
Nola Leach
Chief Executive and Head of Public Affairs