I don't often get angry... Girl

Time is a fascinating thing! You can’t buy it, mortgage it or save it. When people say, “I saved an hour!” I always think, “Really? Where did you put it? Under the bed?” As soon as you try to save it, it’s gone. And in my experience, as the years go by, they certainly seem to gain momentum! I can hardly believe that I am already writing my Christmas message.

I confess that my subject this year is not very ‘Christmassy’, but I want to address it because I believe it is crucial that we engage with it. I don’t often get angry, but I am angry about this particular issue: it is the devastating effects that the negative elements of the digital revolution – particularly online pornography – are having on our children and young people.

Over the coming years Care for the Family is going to devote time and resources to helping parents not only protect their children from the dangers of the digital world, but equip them to make good choices. It matters. While the digital revolution has undoubtedly brought us many benefits, if we do not effectively address the harmful elements, it will adversely affect the futures of a generation.

Please, would you take a moment to watch the short clip below as I share my thoughts about the issue?

Thank you so much for your prayers and support. We couldn’t do it without you!