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turning bristol
The Turning Bristol


In the last month we have had three outreach events around Bristol. It was amazing to see 40 evangelists come together to share the Gospel. During the event we saw 20 new evangelist sign up and get trained in order to go out onto the streets. During this incredible event 38 people said the prayer to receive Jesus as their Lord. Many people have had really good conversations and discussions with those on the streets of Bristol.  This has lead to prayers of blessing, healing and even restoration. What a Faithful God we serve!

Across Bristol there are many amazing stories of those who are being followed up and going through the discipleship course. There is an incredible Grace outpouring on the Turning and the words used are like  an anointed song. Individuals around Bristol are being captivated by the Gospel and what it is to be a follower of Christ. Some of the responders have been impacted so much that they have joined churches around Bristol.

We are called to plant seeds, water  some seeds but it is God who brings the increase. We are called to go out and share with those around us , be fishers of men and disciples them. Lets join together encouraging one another as we go and see what God has in store for July. It is so important to keep the momentum of this amazing Grace outpouring going in our city. Please spread the word and let's join together in unity to reach our city. Below are, locations and times of July's mission.

Sat 8 Jul - The Turning: North Bristol Regional Mission

When: Saturday 8th July 2017, 10am-2pm
Where: Emmanuel Chapel, Satchfield Cres, BS10 7BN

Fri 21 - Sat 22 Jul - The Turning: City Mission Harbour Festival

When: Friday 21st July 2017, 7:30pm-9pm - Saturday 22nd July 2017, 10pm-2pm
Where: St Pauls Church, Coronation Rd, BS3 1DG

We look forward to seeing you at one of the missions


Anne Davies
Bristol Turning Leader

Sara Mullen
Bristol Turning Deputy and Administrator


Older Information:


What is the Turning?


The Turning Bristol Video: Click Here

Download Overall The Turning Bristol Events Dates: Click Here

Download Turning Bristol South Team Dates: Click Here
Turning South Team Website: Click Here


Dear All

Just to say an ENORMOUS thank you for all the extremely hard work put in - especially by all those who attended last week at the encounter nights and outreaches. Thank you too for all the prayer for us!

Response to the gospel
To date we are following up around 40 or more people from South Bristol after the outreaches last week - this will of course take a while! 
 Across the whole of Bristol during the two weeks of the Turning more than 650 people prayed with us for salvation and the majority will be followed up.

Equipping the saints
Beyond those, many received prayer and more than 250 ordinary Christians received training in using the Turning resources. Some were pastors, some experienced evangelists but what was also encouraging was ...many were people who thought they just couldn't do this sort of thing very well before !

Longer term
So, we are having a breathing space to re-group and follow up, then in May a CITY-WIDE  TURNING in Bristol,  will begin for the longer term.
We in the SOUTH of  Bristol will be working at developing more connections with other churches, and sharing what we are learning.

So please do not stop praying !
We will try to pass on more information as things develop, but the next Turning meetings will now be in MAY as follows:
During the music festival    LOVE SAVES THE DAY

Encounter night  FRIDAY 26th MAY
7.30pm - 9.30pm   meeting at:
St.Michael's  Church   Gloucester Road BS7 8NT

Training and Evangelism  SATURDAY 27th MAY
10am - 1pm (includes outreach around Eastville Park)
meeting at : 
58th Scouts Hall
Gadshill Road BS5 6PU


Bristol Turning - South Team

www.turningsouthbristol.co.uk more details (although needs updating)
   Mob 07754936331

BRISTOL TURNING - HAPPY EASTER - It has been an incredible first week of the launch of the Turning.

The Good News is that by Saturday 321 people had received Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and over 170 people from the city have been trained as evangelists.

The stories shared by the evangelists have been phenomenal.  Some of the people who prayed the prayer of commitment  told us that they had a dream the night before about meeting Jesus, or the need in their lives to just have faith. One lady who accepted Jesus had prayed immediately before she was approached by a Turning team that "God would send her help". This young lady had found herself stuck in the city - she was amazed at how fast God had answered her prayer and received Christ with joy.  Another story was shared of 2 men who were visiting from Canada and were to leave the city the following day. These lads said the prayer of commitment. The place they were from in Canada was the same place where the members of the Turning team had connections and in fact the 2 men knew the family.
The Gospel is the power of God unto salvation and its good news for all. This week we have seen children, many millennials and baby boomers respond to the Gospel. Individuals, couples, groups of friends and families have all said Yes to Jesus.  In addition there has been many great conversations about faith and people prayed for.

There should be no doubt that there is an openness in this city to Jesus.  
The kindness of God has been exceptional.
Many children have attended the Turning meetings, during the daytime and evenings and been actively engaged in leading people to Jesus.
From the today the Bristol Turning will launch in different venues in the North, South and East of the City. Please see the leaflet below for details of the times and location of worship and training.
There have been many people, churches and organisations that have made the Turning possible.  We are really grateful to Pastor Yinka and his Team who took time out of their lives to train and lead teams here in Bristol last week. We also want to Thank the folk who hosted the Reading Team, cooked for them, served as stewards and car park attendants, locked up and opened the building and all the other ways people have served such as made coffee, helped with putting the packs together.
Thanks you to Rev Tim Silk and all at Pip n Jay who sacrificially gave the Turning use of their building.
We are pleased to announce that Anne Davies from Hillfields Baptist Church will be taking up the leadership of the Bristol Turning from the 24th of April. A new team will be meeting this Wednesday. The Bristol Turning will remain accountable to Bristol Churches Together, the West of England Baptist Association and the Bristol Evangelical Alliance.


The Turning launched on Palm Sunday at Pip & Jay Church to a full house of lovers of Jesus from accross the City. Then on Monday the 10th, 96 folk turned up to get trained in evangelism and go out onto the streets.
In just over an hour we saw 56 people say YES to Jesus. 

Below is  testimony from one of the folk who came along on Monday.

Today (Tuesday), we couldn’t come to the Turning as we have things going on at our Church (The Link) but just as I was leaving, Martin, an elderly gentleman came over to me outside the Church to chat… we sat outside in the sunshine on a seat and he started talking about Mother Nature, Hinduism and Buddhism and his beliefs -it all came down to being good… so I found myself reaching into my pocket and pulling out The Turning script and a few minutes later, he gave his life to the Lord… Wow! The Turning moves out to north, east and south Bristol next week and we are in the Chew Valley 10 miles south of Bristol so were looking to get out in the village in May but God is one step ahead of us!


The 22nd and 23rd of March were 2 glorious days of training with Pastor Yinka and members of the Reading team with over 100 leaders from across the city with their teams.  Over the 2 days 45 people on the streets of Bristol made decisions to follow Jesus, and many others were prayed for. There were amazing testimonies of divine appointments, healings and hearts open to the good news of the gospel.  We are super expectant of what God is going to do during the launch of the Bristol Turning and beyond.


We know that many people will respond to the gospel once the Turning starts in Bristol.  It is necessary for churches to sign up and register to be a follow up church.  For those folk who have indicated that they are happy to be followed up, their names will be put on a secure database.  Where practicable we will then connect those individuals to churches who have indicated that they want to be a follow up church and have undergone the Turning Training (see dates below).   We hope to connect individuals to a follow-up church as close to them as possible.

If you would like to be a follow up church, please send an email to , with the following information:
1.  Name of your fellowship.
2.  Name, and contact email and telephone number of the 
     person who will be your church follow up coordinator.

3.  Confirmation that at least one person from your church will attend the training   
      (see below).


We are pleased to let also let you now that in the lead up to the
Hillfields Baptist Church will host weekly citywide prayer meeting on Sunday Evenings from 1830- 2000.  We appreciate that not everyone will be able to attend as some churches have Sunday evening meetings.
East Bristol Leader Prayer meetings
Hillfields Baptist Church
Every Saturday Mornings 7 -9 up until the 08/04/17
South Bristol Leaders Gathering
South Bristol Christian Centre
Ian Watts

Every Tuesday
Am and Pm
North Bristol Leaders Gathering 

To ensure the smooth running of The Turning when it starts in Bristol, please consider if you are able to help in any of the following ways;

Stewards and First Aider 
We need stewards for both the morning and evening services during the first week at Pip n Jay.  Daytime stewards will need to arrive for 0930 and evening stewards will need to arrive 17:00 on Sunday and  18:00 on weekdays.
Accommodation The Reading team will come to Bristol to assist us with the mission and will need to be accommodated on a bed and breakfast basis - we hope to be able to place them with local families - is this something you or a member of your church could help with?  We need the following accommodation
4 females for 9th - 14th
1 female from 9th - 13th 
A family of 4 with 2 children (12) and(10) for the 13th - happy to be split, if necessary
1 Female for 12th and 13th

Meals - We will need to provide lunches for the  Reading Team – which will be just a simple light lunch – in addition the team will need an evening meal.   (Max 10 PEOPLE)

Transport  Do you have a mini bus that you can make available  for the whole or part of 9 April -23 April for transporting the Reading team or for use by the Regional Hubs in the second week.
Finance- please consider as a church leader either making a donation or taking a special offering from your congregation.

We are pleased to announce that a gift of £2000 will be made to the Reading Team from offering collected during the 1st week of the Turning. Thank you the individuals and churches who have supported the running costs of the Turning. If you would like to support the Bristol Turning by making a direct payment fund it will be held by Bristol Evangelical Alliance.

If you want to dontate to the Turning In Bristol - funds will be held by Bristol Evangelical Alliance - a payment can be deposited into the following account:
Sort Code:            301611
Account Number:  01088271

If you would like to also contribute to the work of the Turning Nationally payments should be made to;
Barnabas Evangelistic Mission Account
Sort Code:            200500
Account Number:  93613348
If you are able to help in any way please drop us an email  at .  


Below you will find a PDF flyer for the Bristol Turning for you to download.  If you would like hard copies for your congregation, they can be collected at E5 Church on Jamaica Street or call the Turning Hotline on  to arrange collection on 07754936331.
In addition we include a video that can be shown in conjunction with or without the flyer being handed out.


Christians from across the churches in Bristol are getting together to worship in the streets in Broadmead Shopping Centre Bristol in the afternoon of 9th April (14.30-17.00 hrs) .
Why not go and bring flags and banners, drums and percussion and join in the celebrations! Welcome Jesus into our City with singing and dancing! Bring something to share with others if you can.


The planning committee is presenlty recruiting for new members to join the team and help to develop the citywide strategy for the Turning.  If this is something you think you can do - please email .

Please keep the Bristol Turning in your prayers and share information about it with other leaders.

Yours in Christ
Rev Eric Aidoo
Chair of Churches Together Greater Bristol
Sheena Tranter
Arise Bristol
Rev Gary Woodall
Regional Minster - WEBA
Rev Jackie Davis
Chair of Bristol Evangelical Alliance

The Turning Simplified

Download .PDF Version: Click Here
the turning 1
the turning 2