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CWGs - Following Jesus!

Just as Jesus gathered His disciples around Him, and the gospel spread more effectively as a result, so we are more effective for God at the workplace if we join with other Christians in a group. This month we feature the first of a series of articles by Adrian Miles of TWUK, looking at 'Christian Workplace Groups - Following in Jesus' Footsteps'.

We love the work we are able to do, encouraging CWG leaders and groups to be a positive influence for God in the workplace. Our theme this year 'Here for You' captures the spirit of CWGs - they exist for our workplaces. To enable us to do our work though, we need regular financial income. Could you help us by setting up a regular donation? Even a small regular gift would be so much appreciated and allow us to continue the work. Click here for a simple way to set up a donation on-line, or here to become a TWUK Partner to join us in our mission to reach 1000 workplace groups.

twuk 17 1Why a Christian Workplace Group?

Why do Christian Workplace Groups exist? Jesus recognised the need for a group of followers working with him. In the first of a new series, Adrian Miles explains that Christians' impact in the workplace can be much greater when delivered by a group. 
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twuk 17 2What is Your Group Doing for Easter?

Easter, coming up on 16th April, provides us with another great opportunity to be a strong witness for God in our workplaces, and to promote the existence of our CWG. This article looks at the few simple steps that are needed to put on a successful Easter event. Read more here. Take a look here at ideas for Easter events and activities that have been used previously.

Be blessed in your work!


Trevor Payne

The Transform Work UK Team