Bristol Community Toilet Scheme 

Would your church, charity or organisation like to be a part of Bristol’s Community Toilet Scheme?pictogram-884043960720
  • Bristol City Council has launched a Community Toilet Scheme which is about businesses and organisations giving members of the public access to their toilet facilities where it is easy to do so during normal opening hours. Similar schemes are operational and successful in other authorities across the country giving residents and visitors access to clean, safe and accessible toilets.
  • As you know, for many people, access to a toilet can make the difference as to whether someone goes out or not. A greater coverage of publicly accessible toilets will provide more options for people and will hopefully contribute to their wellbeing and reduce the chances of isolation. This is an opportunity to contribute to a healthier, thriving city.
  • We are working with ‘Can’t Wait card’ schemes such as the Crohn’s and Colitis UK, to ensure that we are keeping those with certain medical conditions, who most rely on publicly available toilet facilities, up to date with where they can go.
  • To that end we have opened our main building toilet facilities to the public as part of the new scheme.
What will my church, charity or organisation have to do to be a part of the scheme?
  • Display a sign, make the toilets available for use during normal opening hours and keep them clean.
  • If you agree to sign up to the Community Toilet Scheme the council will provide you with a sign for your window and will publicise your location on new physical and digital maps that will be available to residents and visitors to the city.
  • This opportunity might be more suitable to venues that are regularly open to the public, rather than once or twice a week, however if you want to find out more please get in touch…
How do I sign up?

If you are interested in joining or finding out more about the Community Toilet Scheme, please visit to fill out a form, or just send us an email and we will arrange for an officer to call or visit you. We would want to have a look at your facilities and see how accessible they are to get you signed up to the scheme.
If you want more information on the scheme please visit
Let’s work together to make Bristol accessible.
Bristol Community Toilet Scheme
Bristol Community Toilet Scheme