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Note from the Editor:
The Value of Generosity

Issue two and already it feels as though we have more to share than can be squeezed into a newsletter.

This month we are very excited to share updates about both ZEDpods and LaunchPad the latter having received planning permission very recently! Our congratulations goes to everyone in the collaboration making this happen.

You will be able to read a summary of the updates below and click through to more information using the links.

This month, I have been struck by the generosity so prevalent in our city. Recently, the Bristol Post reported that Bristol had been named the 'kindest' city in the UK due to the 'kind acts' of Bristolians and their charitable giving. Over the course of this month companies, charities and individuals have demonstrated kindness and generosity in many different ways offering support to re-image better ways to live in our city for the sake of the people that live here. It is very encouraging and I have come out this month being very proud to live in this City!

And so the festival continues...

Jessie & the BHF Team

Planning Permission for LaunchPad

LaunchPad is a modular housing pilot for the young independent adult, ready for a new start in life, in modern and inspired accommodation.  It is here to help people break out of student rentals, supported housing or overpriced accommodation. It aims to bring people together, help increase diversity in communities and build wellbeing for the best start in life.
LaunchPad is a partnership of innovative collaborators, 1625 Independent People (1625ip), University of Bristol Students Union and United Communities and funding contributed by LandAid and the University of Bristol.  

We are delighted to announce that planning permission has been granted and LaunchPad will commence building on the car park at the bottom of Alexandra Park, Fishponds, Bristol in September.  

LaunchPad is an incredibly exciting development demonstrating what's possible when pairing innovation and collaboration. This project will make a real difference for the lives of the young people living there as well as showing what is possible when we have the courage to reimagine. We are delighted to be involved!

You can read more about the development here.

ZEDpods: The Update

In the last issue we announced the details for a public consultation for a proposed development in St George, Bristol.

Thank you to everyone who came to the event or shared their views through the online survey. We are really appreciative of the time people have taken to share their comments, concerns and ideas to improve the project. The feedback was very positive and we will announce updates as we have them through our website, social media and newsletters.

The full proposals are now available on our website, please click here to learn more.

New Blog on the Block

For us, one of the most exciting elements of the Exhibition back in October was bringing together public, business, media and politics to engage in a conversation about housing. It was productive to have a 'wide-open' conversation about the issues our city faces and the potential solutions. 

Since then, we have been working on ways to continue that conversation, which includes this blog!

We are going to be drawing on different people each month with different experience, skills, expertise and opinions to showcase different challenges we face as a city, as well as different opportunities and potential solutions. 

We're kicking this all off with a blog from Nick James of Futureground. For those that were able to attend any of our evening talks during the last exhibition you may recognise Nick as our host for those panel discussions. Here he offers his reflections on those talks.

Watch out for more blogs to follow.

What is the Bristol Housing Festival?

Bristol Housing Festival is a five-year Festival. During the five years we will: 
  1. Facilitate new communities being built
  2. Hold exhibitions to showcase new and existing innovation
  3. Evaluate and test everything to work out what really works and what doesn’t
  4. Keep the conversation going across the city
The ambition of the festival is to test innovation in real life scenarios, to find out what works for people in our city, in order to see real and lasting positive change.

The 'why' and the 'how' of the project are explored further on our website.

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