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Release Academy Bristol is now recruiting students for their 2019/2020 intake

Release Academy Bristol has just come to the end of it's second year running and is now recruiting students for their 2019/2020 intake. 
A big congratulations to all of those who graduated this last Saturday 25th May!

Here are some testimonies about their experience of this year from two students who just graduated:

"I had been looking for 4-5 years for 'the more' and I found the more and so much more besides during the 9 months of this course; I'm the same person but released and free with a new sense of who I am in Jesus - bolder and more confident. my 'new creation' me has been there for a long time and now I know I am walking in new life with Jesus. I'm loving the new me who knows she's loved, is released to be herself and always starts from favour and with every piece of equipment needed to complete the job. Jesus has my YES! Thank you Team RA for ALL that you have pulled down from Heaven to bring the Trinity alive to me"

"I have loved every minute of it. I’ve never been on a course before that I could say that. I’ve looked forward to each Wednesday and Saturday. You are building a team of people that can bring hope and practical change to Bristol by bringing Heaven to earth. Please help us to stay in touch with you all and with fellow students. Many Bethel students have to leave (Bethel) Redding to go back to their countries. Many of us will stay in the Bristol area. What an opportunity."

Just a word about the vision of the school:

Release Academy exists to train up a generation of revivalists and reformers, radical lovers of Jesus, who passionately desire life-changing encounters with Him. Graduates who want to see our amazing city and planet encounter the Love of God and see the culture and justice of the Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven, where everyone has the opportunity to walk as sons and daughters like Jesus.
This year's course starts in September.
If you would like to find out more about the course, here is a link to the Release Academy website: