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bristol church response covid-

Churches Together in England has collated information and resources about the coronavirus:
Click here for more details.

Update to Church Leaders on key needs across the city

in the context of the Covid-19 crisis

Update posted: 28/03/2020

Dear all
It’s fair to say that it’s been a challenging week, but the level of kindness and generosity that we’ve seen in recent days has blown us away – across the city, Christian, other faiths and none. Even with so many people under such huge pressure there always seems to be time for people to be thoughtful and loving in the way they respond in emails, on Zoom calls etc. The pressures are huge, but something is happening at the moment, and things are changing. In the context of human tragedy God is at work in a remarkable way. This morning I (Andy) received the following link from Rosie Hopley, she’d copied it in to all of the Trustees of Beloved. It’s a piece from Krish Kandiah, who was on the call last week. I’d encourage you to take a few minutes to read it:
The bit that deeply touched me was this:
Jesus’ life of love is not a self-preserving love. It is not a hands-off-for-fear-of-getting-hurt love. It is not a passive love. It is not a love that refuses to deeply invest in relationship. What we see in Christ is sacrificial love. Merciful love. Love that values the well-being of others above itself. Love that will generously and fully pour itself out, whatever the cost, in order that the beloved might benefit, flourish, and thrive.
Here those taking a lead on different responses from the church across the city:
  • Food poverty / insecurity, and the emerging response (Andy / Maurice / Stewart)
  • Fostering – Home for Good (Clare)
  • Homelessness (Jonathan)
  • Volunteering (Rachel/Stewart from Bristol Noise)
Note that Bristol Noise and Christian Action Bristol (CAB) are now working together in a completely coordinated way. Bristol Noise will continue to coordinate incoming offers of volunteering requirements and volunteering asks via the page above, and CAB will seek to gather outgoing news, information, campaign requests etc
Blessings on your day
Andy Street



Posted: 17/03/2020

Church, Compassion & the Coronavirus: Bristol Churches response to COVID-19

We are all very aware of the emerging situation with regards to Coronavirus (COVID-19), which is of course changing on a daily, if not hourly basis. This is a time for us as a church community, along with others across the city, to show a spirit of generosity and kindness. 
There is also work underway at a city level to shape up strategic, collaborative approach to responding to need at this time. 

With the likelihood of schools, Children’s Centres and community centres / organisations closing in the coming days there will be significant numbers of people that are at risk of becoming isolated and increasingly vulnerable. 

Feeding Bristol, FareShare, the network of Foodbanks, Bristol Noise and others are working closely with the Council and other agencies to better understand the likely extent of the need. Measures are being put in place to secure supplies of food for the work of Foodbanks, FareShare and others to ensure they are able to sustain support to the vulnerable. 

Offers of volunteers are increasing, which is wonderful. As you can imagine, there are lots of moving parts in all of this, not least of which is the whole issue of storing, handling and then delivering food to those that need it across the city.

All agencies involved would value your prayers for wisdom and for energy as plans are shaped. 

On a practical, immediate level
This is a time when we need to come together as a city and as a nation, and the church has a vital role to play in all of this.

Source: www.christianactionbristol.org.uk/news/church-compassion-and-the-coronavirus?fbclid=IwAR2QKdWLW5JEjjjj36wBS9goou4FIQ4wLEmm6MFNRLh6xZ3HcvvEAvYX0uY