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Bristol Chaplaincy: Providing remote one-to-one listening services

Bristol Chaplaincy is providing free one-to-one listening sessions over the telephone or a video conference. Whether you wear a business suit or jeans, we take the time to talk to you as an individual and hear your unique situation.

We aim to listen, to help you find hope, and even help to provide a solution to the challenge, issue or change that you might be facing. We are all human – it’s natural to sometimes feel the weight of life. It’s also natural to want to talk to someone. So, chaplaincy provides a safe environment and a compassionate ear where you can discuss anything. Whatever life brings, whether in work or personal life, we want to support and help you move forward.

During this period of isolation and lockdown, we are providing free 30-minute one-to-one listening sessions either over the telephone or a video conference.

You can book an appointment and find out more at our website –