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Dear Friends
We hope you are well and that you’ve managed to have some fun over the summer. 
Thank you so much for your interest in and support of Bristol Schools Connection this past academic year. We thank God so much for you all.  As a small charity we massively appreciate your support – through giving and through prayer.
It’s been an interesting year! As with everyone else, we had to adapt quickly as we tried to continue to support churches to bless their local schools through lockdown.
We’ve made a video which shows a bit of what has been happening – and these are just a few of the stories. We are inspired, amazed and encouraged by the way that so many churches across the Bristol region are actively engaging with their schools in brilliant and creative ways. We hope you’ll enjoy watching it and giving thanks to God for all the conversations, support, blessing and connections that have happened.

Listen to some wonderful stories of how churches across the Bristol area connected with their local school(s) during lockdown – give thanks as you watch this!
If you’ve got time to watch more, look at the second video link – and be inspired by how these churches hope to connect with their local school(s) in the next academic year.
Bristol Schools Connection would love to see every school in the Bristol area having a good connection with their local school.  BSC help this to happen through coaching, training, and resourcing.  Please get in touch with BSC if you would like to be a part of this story.

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With love, thanks and prayers
Liz (and Jane and the Trustees)