We’re raising money for the 'National Emergencies Trust Coronavirus Appeal'

It's at times like this that you think to yourself 'what can I do to help?'.Kingdom Creatives logo
For me it had to be something creative, something that would cheer people up and something that would raise as much money as possible for the appeal (which is supported by the British Red Cross).
We've launched a website selling special edition, original images that you can download (50 in total so there will be at least one that you like - so no excuses!!!) – visit www.cvappeal.co.uk to find out more. You can turn the images into framed pictures, canvases, mugs, towels or a host of other things (a great site to check out for this is www.my-picture.co.uk.)
Please spare just £10 (the equivalent to two food parcels for a homeless person). All profits will be going to the appeal.
Thank you for your support.
And remember - 'stay home and stay safe!'
Visit - www.cvappeal.co.uk. Call Mark on 0117 9621248 or email