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CAB Newsletter Sept 2020: Climate Change, Our Youtube channel & More

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Committing to Change

Bristol churches standing together in prayer and action for the global climate crisis

Church leaders from across the city came together to make a joint statement on issues of the environment. 

'We share the clear challenge and concern of the climate emergency and are taking strides towards becoming net zero carbon.'
Read the full statement here
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Getting Involved.

Climate change may be the most serious issue ever faced by human communities. But what can I do?
Our dedicated page has number of resources available to you, to help counter the impact we have on the climate, both individually and as a church community.

There's also a list of organisations that can help you stay more inspired and more informed.

Visit our environment page on our website.
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This month, we've been encouraging people to think about climate change and to try to make some changes in terms of awareness, attitudes and actions.

#GoGreenerBristol is a series of tips on how you can make some of those changes.  For the tips and advice, follow our socials on Instagram & Twitter or search for #GoGreenerBristol 

You can watch some of our video tips here.
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We also recently spoke to Jenny Foster from the Global Goals Centre about the sustainable development goals and how Christians in Bristol can engage and help. Watch the video above :) 
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And speaking of video...

We've been tinkering around in the background and are exciting to let you know that we have been working on our the Christian Action Bristol Youtube Channel

On the channel you find films and videos that you can use in your church services or groups, as well as pieces that will hopefully inspire you to get involved in politics and social action here in Bristol.
Go to our Youtube Channel

Let's talk

As a group we would love to connect with people who are passionate about seeing God's Kingdom in our city. We'd love to connect with people more, so please do get in touch or connect others with us if you can.

We'd love to Connect with Churches. Are you the social action champion at your church? We'd love to find ways of helping you to help encourage others. If you are one of these amazing passionate people, we'd love to start a conversation about how we can hep do that. Please email

We'd love to Connect online. We have an expanding digital community - it's a place to help raise awareness of either what you are involved with or to learn and be inspired by others (see our social media links below).