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WSM Latest Score - November 2020: 'Sport for the Suffering'

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Locally, Covid restrictions continue to limit our ability to fully connect in communities with different people groups, although good things continue to happen through our schools ministry. We have also launched a plan to help where it's really needed. A recent survey states that 1/3 of young people say they have increased mental health issues due to the restrictions; only 19% of youth are active for the recommended 60 minutes of exercise per day and yet 37% of those surveyed, say they now see sport as more important and 50% of them plan to do more sport in the future. 

These type of statistics are more prevalent in poorer communities and we have a real heart to help those suffering by engaging like never before when we are able to providing free sport and a small meal to those that so need it.

We have a crowd funding campaign to partly raise what we need - could you help? 

Help us provide sport for those suffering

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