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We are pleased to announce an exciting new campaign called Call5. This is part of a larger initiative from Premier Lifeline called Call and Care which has just received funding from the Government’s Coronavirus Emergency Fund through the Community Fund.

We are looking to individuals to be part of Call5 – a simple scheme where they sign up and commit to call five people they know.

The last year has been difficult for many with considerable isolation and loneliness experienced across the country, as well as a significant rise in people experiencing mental health issues.

With the vaccine the end is in sight, but it is not here yet and we are facing the winter months with continued restrictions, when even in a normal year people are affected by the cold, darkness and limitations to activity. This year these will all be exacerbated by the continued pandemic.

This winter we want to encourage everyone to consider who they know from their friends, family and community who would welcome a telephone call, a friendly voice and someone to talk to during this challenging time. Just that sense of company is so important to someone who is feeling isolation. It really helps to feel remembered.

We are asking everyone to choose 5 people - friends, family, and other contacts - and to commit to call them over the winter to ensure they know someone is there for them. Although this is primarily a telephone-based project, it also includes contact through Skype, Facetime, text, email or whatever the preferred contact method is for the people involved.

Why “Call5”? We have five digits on each hand - looking at our hands is an easy reminder to call, by allocating a person to each digit. For the enthusiastic, there is always a second hand to use to identify five more people to call.

Through Call5, we aim to encourage increased contact across the country, a significant reduction in isolation and loneliness, and an increased sense of belonging to a wider family and community.

Would you like to be a part of the Call5 movement?
For more information and to sign up for Call5, please go to

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Posted: Dec 2020