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Transform Europe Network (formerly Eurovangelism) has been based in Bristol for almost all of its history. Whilst we have relationships across the UK, TEN has strong connections with Bristol. If you have been around the Bristol church community during the last 50 years you are likely to have heard of Eurovangelism and possibly heard past Chief Executives; Gary Cox and Dave Roderick who themselves are Bristol-based, speak in a local church. For those of you who have not heard of either Transform Europe Network (TEN) or Eurovangelism, this article by James Vaughton, appointed as CEO in Spring 2019, offers you some insight into TEN’s mission.Mission Possible Bulgaria Soup

Working with indigenous leaders (rather than sending western missionaries), TEN exists to see the lives of people transformed in Eastern Europe and the Balkans. Our roots go back to work that our founder, Dave Foster did to support Christians behind the Iron Curtain. Whilst the geo-political context has changed, the heart of TEN to support Christian leaders in their ministries remains.

I wonder if you have ever been to Eastern Europe? Until I joined TEN, I had not. But in the time leading up to the first lockdown, I was able to travel to Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia. It was both wonderful and eye-opening to meet the people, hear the stories of God at work and see the challenges. I wonder if it would surprise you to know that in Moldova the average annual income is just 10% of that in the UK? Poverty is a significant challenge in all the nations TEN works in.
Whereas we have a system of benefits and foodbanks to help those who are struggling, there is not the same level of support in Eastern Europe. Often it is TEN partners who are showing Christ’s love through distributing food parcels, clothing and other essentials.
james tenBefore joining TEN as CEO I was heading up Youth for Christ in Bath and Wiltshire. Unsurprisingly perhaps, in view of my background, as TEN looks ahead I am passionate about seeing a new generation of Christians in the UK engaged in mission as well as the equipping of new, young pastors and leaders in Eastern Europe. TEN offers opportunities for UK Christians to connect with our partners, build relationships and minister alongside key leaders in Eastern Europe. This is seen in team trips, teaching English, prayer support, volunteering, giving and networking.

As you can appreciate, 2020 has been a challenging year for our partners in Europe and for TEN. Whilst last year has been really stretching there have also been incredible encouragements with our partners supporting the most vulnerable, giving out thousands of food parcels, seeing people come to faith and be baptised and new churches planted…all during a pandemic! In Albania recently, one of our partners saw over 100 people come to faith during a season of outreach.

If you would like to connect with TEN to find out more you can do so by going to or feel free to email Melanie () or me (). We’d love to hear from you.

James Vaughton - CEO

Posted: Jan 2021