Transforming Church – A letter from the Bishop of Bristol

The Church of England in our region is inviting you to join a conversation about its future.
I am writing to you in my capacity as Bishop to ask if you might help us as, emerging from lockdown, we work towards a new vision for the Church of England in this region.
Through recent Covid months the Church has sensed a deepening responsibility and commitment to everyone in the community whatever their perspective on faith. Working across Bristol, South Gloucestershire, North Wiltshire and Swindon, we have now launched an open conversation about our future vision and priorities called Transforming Church. Together, with an initial phase which will run until April. I want to consult widely, including with people who may not see themselves as having an affiliation with the Church of England.
If you are willing to participate I would be most grateful if you could complete a short online questionnaire.  It will take at most about eight minutes of your time.  I am determined that we will be relentlessly inclusive in our approach and am committed to listening to voices that we don’t often hear, opinions that we may find difficult and those that challenge the status quo.  So, please speak openly and frankly.  Whatever your perspective, we want to hear it.
In addition, if you are able, please encourage people in your organisation or network to do the same by forwarding this email.
Further information about ways to get involved will be available from us soon.  Feel free to be in touch with my Chaplain, Martin Gainsborough (), if you would like more information or you may like to have a look at the Transforming Church section of our website.
Thank you for reading this. I know you, too, will be looking to the future.   That is why it would be excellent to have your input.
Yours sincerely,
bishop viv
+Viv Faull
Bishop of Bristol

1611939114-lA8R 1095


Posted: Mar 2021