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Bristol Remembers

When: Thursday 18th March 2021, live from 6pm
Where: Watch Online
Website: www.wearebristol.co.uk

The short film 'Bristol Remembers' marks the anniversary of the first lockdown.
Featuring reflections from leaders and key workers from across the city, it's a chance to come together and remember those who have died, to acknowledge and speak into grief and loss, and to share in the hope we have for the future.
The film will launch as a YouTube Premiere Thursday 18th March, at 6 pm via www.wearebristol.co.uk
So we would encourage you to join in and share this across your groups and congregations and to engage in this important act of reflection on all that has happened since the country first went into lockdown in March last year. 
We see this as an expression of unity across the city, a continuation of building Bristol as a City of Hope, and also an opportunity to pray for those that have experienced loss and to look to the future with a sense of hope.

Further Details:
23rd March marks one year since England went into a national lockdown.720x1280 Peaches 400

The last twelve months have been so very difficult for all of us. We have faced challenges, and sadly, many of us have lost loved ones, opportunities, jobs, and many other things that are important to us.

Bristol Remembers is a multi-agency project aimed at giving people a space to collectively reflect and remember those people and things we have lost throughout the pandemic.

Together with faith and city leaders, we are producing a film called ‘Bristol Remembers’ that reflects on the last year of the coronavirus pandemic. The video will feature contributions from across the city, including frontline workers, faith leaders, city leaders, Bristol’s City Poet, and musicians.

The film will be hosted online on our We Are Bristol website at 6pm, Thursday 18 March. We would love to see you all there, and together, share a minute of silence to reflect on this last twelve months and remember all we have lost.

Ways to watch:
Call to Action – Bristol Remembers

As part of the launch of our Bristol Remembers film, we will be offering people an online book of testimonials, where they can reflect on the people and other things they have lost during the pandemic.

As part of the launch of this online book, we need your help. If you, or someone you know, would be willing to contribute a testimonial with your own personal reflection, please let us know.

A testimonial should be 150-200 words long and can be about anything or anyone important to you that you have sadly lost throughout the pandemic. If you are happy to do so, we would welcome you sending an image relating to your testimonial that will be displayed online.

All testimonials will be handled sensitively and with the utmost care. If you would be happy to share your reflection, please email with the subject line: Bristol Remembers – Testimonial.

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Posted: Mar 2021