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Violent Protests in Bristol Statement from Rev Eric Aidoo, Chair of Together4Bristol (22 March 2021)

Fellow residents of Bristol

I believe many of us if not all have been shocked at the news of the violent protests at the City centre last night (see here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-bristol-56477887 ). We may have also read the statement of our Mayor Marvin Rees which spells out our collective gains and progress as a City within the last five years (link here: https://news.bristol.gov.uk/news/revised-statement-from-marvin-rees-on-todays-protests).

I am sure we all as residents of this great City Bristol would no doubt want to see the City which is home to all of us thrive and flourish. In fact we had an extremely difficult year last year but as we stuck together we are now in recovery. May that same hope demonstrated in adversity guide us through this period of concern, frustration and challenge. The Christian community would like to kindly appeal for calm while our elected officials pursue the legitimate channels of engagement for addressing the concerns raised by the Bill in question. May we return to being the City where we give expression to our frustrations in a non-violent manner. May God bless us all and our City with peace and prosperity.

Rev Eric Aidoo

Chair Together4bristol/
Churches Together in Greater Bristol

Posted: Mar 2021