Churches at the forefront of community cohesion

Restoring & Reconnecting Your Community 

The demand for community cohesion has never been more necessary.  Whilst some of us have become unhealthily comfortable with isolation (this is totally me!), others have battled through loneliness and mental health challenges. 

The performing arts has long been at the heart of bringing people together, restorative of people’s well-being in times of crisis, and a popular, effective tool for mission and outreach. (Believe me, I've done lots of this!) 

As a professional comedy magician, having toured across the UK alongside many other performers in both Christian and mainstream circles, I have collaborated with talented friends of mine to bring you ‘The Big Community Variety show’.  (More about me at my website here)

Piloted in Doncaster pre COVID, alongside my friends Ian and Alyson Mayer, with around 150 people attending (nearly all non Christian), this is a series of four events, spread throughout the year, designed to attract, engage and build relationship with those in your locality.  

Engaging your local schools and people in your community with an invitation to participate alongside the two professional acts, this regular show will have your community laughing, singing and connecting with each other throughout the year, each event building upon the one before, with the local church at the forefront. 
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That sounds awesome Tom, but surely that will cost a fortune at a time when my church has limited funds? 

The bad news is that yes, of course, it’s expensive to run four events, each with professional guests.

But here’s the EPIC news... the mainstream world also acknowledges that restoring community is essential, which means there are plenty of funding pots available for exactly this type of initiative. Many, if successful, would cover the cost in full - and we even have a template ready for you to use for your application. 

I know there’s a lot to figure out right now, 
but this will hopefully take some of the burden from you. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of restoring your community. I'm with you! 

I’m going all in on this so if you decide to run these events with me, you will have full support from us here at Cornerstone Entertainment Ltd, including:
  • Weekly Drop In Support Calls
  • Monthly 121 Check Ins
  • All the resources you need to run the event professionally and efficiently.
All you need to do is schedule a friendly chat with me today, to explore the idea

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It will take no longer than 25 minutes of your time - I can answer any questions, share more about the vision and support you in completing the funding applications.  

Hope to speak soon!


PS.  I’m still available for solo shows, though be sure to book in soon via my website, here


Posted: July 2021