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My name is Rebecca and I'm currently exploring the effects COVID-19 has had on people in Bristol and Somerset who provide care for others, particularly using the internet. For example, helping a neighbour or loved one with their online shopping, banking, healthcare or generally navigating the web.

We would like to understand peoples experiences of using digital health services, what’s good about them (if anything), and also highlight things that can be improved.

We will feed any insights shared to NHS teams to ensure they are well informed when designing health services. We are looking to speak to people who are 45 or older and live in Bristol, who also support/supported someone to use digital or online services. Taking part involves a short 30-minute conversation over Zoom or a similar platform, or alternatively via a telephone call, depending on peoples preference.

Booking is easy, we have a link here Opportunity to Make a Difference - Healthwave - A research movement ( or email that can be used for more information.

To help cover any costs, we offer a cost per participant recruited payment model i.e. £20 per person that we get to interview for up to 15 people i.e allowing you to cover any admin time involved.

Funding for this project was provided by the UK Research and Innovation COVID-19 response fund.

We are reporting results to Somerset CCG as a partner on the bid. We'd be very happy to answer any questions you might have.

Best wishes Rebecca
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Posted: July 2021