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What is a Christian Workplace Group?

A Christian Workplace Group (CWG) is a group of Christians all working for the same organisation who share their experiences of living a Christian life in their workplace, and who seek to jointly influence the organisation they work for with Christian values.   

CWGs are being established all over the UK and are a real help to Christians, other employees and the organisation. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small with just a few Christians meeting and praying; others are very large groups in national and international organisations, playing a major part in the policy development and day-to-day activities in those organisations. It doesn’t matter that they are different. They are all part of God’s Plan.

Transform Work have a network of local Ambassadors who can help you start a CWG and then help the group to develop and influence your organisation. Here is a guide to starting a workplace group that the ambassador can work through with you to launch your group.  
Downloadable resources such as Starting a Christian Workplace Group - Downloadable Resources : Transform Work UK

Workplace courses - Workplace Courses : Transform Work UK

To find out more about Christian Workplace Groups and Transform Work UK in the Bristol region,
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Posted: February 2022