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Building Bristol as a City of Hope

The Challenge. Bristol: a Tale of Two Citiesone city
There are many positives about Bristol. It was recently voted the best place to live and the kindest, happiest city in the UK. And yet, there is a tale of two cities. For example, it is one of the worst cities in the UK to be born poor. Over 50% of children in Lawrence Hill live in poverty, less than a kilometre from the prosperous Temple Quay Business District. There is a nine year Life Expectancy difference between two neighbouring wards (Henleaze and Southmead). Bristol is the most racially segregated of the UK's ten core cities.
The Response of the Christian Community.
In the last few years, the Christian community has responded to this challenge in various ways. We have facilitated a “unity for mission” movement, called Together4Bristol (T4B), across the churches, prayer groups and networks in the spheres of life, to help be good news for Bristol. We have worked closely with the Mayor, Council and City Office. We are engaging with the One City Plan, with it's vision that “in 2050 Bristol is a fair, healthy and sustainable city. A city of hope and aspiration, where everyone can share in its success”. T4B's vision is that “we long to see the WHOLE Christian community working together in unity to help spread the Kingdom of God throughout the WHOLE of life across the Bristol region”. We want to help build Bristol as a City of Hope.

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We will be joining with many cities and nations around the world during these 10 days as we seek to draw near to God, and to walk in greater oneness with Him and with one another to be a blessing in this great city to which He has called us.
having been serving the Christian community in Bristol for very nearly 10 years now...a new transitional period is upon us, as the Bristol networks website and Together4Bristol website merge into one new redeigned and responsive website.
Christian Action Bristol is joining in with the Season of Creation (Sept 1st - Oct 4th) to help raise awareness and action around #ClimateChange and across #Bristol.
Showing God's Love in Practical Love and Service. As the impacts of the Coronavirus hit Bristol, Christians and Churches from across Bristol have been responding and getting involved.
We the Senior Church Leaders in Bristol would like to formally express our deepest condolences to the family of George Floyd and the other families who have lost their loved ones under similar circumstances.
As Martin Luther King Jnr. once reminded us “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” and the second paragraph of the US Declaration of Independence states that “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal."...
During the COVID-19 pandemic, Bristol City Council has temporarily housed a number of asylum seekers in hotels across the city. When this arrangement ends, without move-on accommodation, all of these individuals could return to the streets.
a #WeAreBristol film to poignantly mark the Covid-19 pandemic as the city begins its journey to recovery. This film acts as a reminder of the rich and varied communities and cultures that make Bristol so special...
We are reminded at this time that our churches are not the mere bricks and mortar of our meeting spaces, but consist of the people, who now separated are finding alternative ways to build community and worship online.

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