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Our exciting programme will be jam-packed with encouraging stories and news of what the Lord has been doing in and through us in the last year, thanksgiving and prayer as well as our vision of where we are heading in the next 3-5 years.
An example testimony video to watch
this is a great opportunity to encourage new Christian Workplace Groups from other members of the fellowship or congregation.
Work is a major part of our lives, but it’s also largely misunderstood. Take these common misconceptions, for example:
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We face a national crisis in housing, a climate crisis, and a construction skills shortage in the industry, but we see in this crisis a powerful opportunity to do things differently.
It seemed to fly by, and we're enjoying reflecting on the fantastic webinars, networking sessions, interviews and conversations that took place. You an now watch all of the webinars online.
We are excited to be able to help people explore spirituality and faith at a time when Covid-19 has led to many of us asking the bigger questions about life.
3 workshops for new businesses doing great things - with Kate Soar and Sarah Dickins
This year, for our public expo in October we are delighted to be holding a Virtual Expo for 2020.