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We need EVERY Christian to get involved and lets see if we can have a formally recognised Christian presence in every NHS Trust by the end of 2022!
“Jonathan’s presentation is highly recommended viewing for those committed to enabling disabled people to be part of church life, and absolutely essential for those who aren’t!”
to understand peoples experiences of using digital health services... we will feed any insights shared to NHS teams to ensure they are well informed when designing health services
Please could you share the following message with your congregation at your next available opportunity...
We have had so many significant opportunities as church leaders to be involved in seeing our city transformed in huge long term ways.
As the nation’s mental health makes headlines during lockdown, counselling charity Network asks just what support people need. The Christian charity wants to understand what impact the unprecedented circumstances are having...
There are clear signs of the Spirit leading us and we are currently in the stage of discernment of vision and possible sites.