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100% of the profits from the single will go straight to the Trussell Trust, helping us move closer towards a UK without the need for food banks.
Share the joy and wonder of Christmas with your local community
The novel is Geoff’s first fiction title and it’s a supernatural political horror story: think of Orwell’s ‘1984’ with a supernatural twist.
, principally because he places the Holy Spirit in a central role in our Church.
The performing arts has long been at the heart of bringing people together, restorative of people’s well-being in times of crisis, and a popular, effective tool for mission and outreach.
This report highlights the creative ways that we’ve adapted our services to support our participants and partners during the pandemic.
'Artistic talent is a gift from God and whoever discovers it in himself has a certain obligation: to know that he cannot waste this talent but must develop it.'
These compilation albums create the perfect opportunity to discover new emerging Christian artists. This album showcases how diverse the UK Christian Hip Hop scene is...
A poem by Lee Barnes
and there's another chance to catch our recent Concert Film...
Artists and creatives from Bristol and surrounding areas have been meeting virtually since April to share their experiences of lockdown.
This year whilst everything we love and expect might look different the Christian message of Christmas remains unchanged. Now, more than ever, the message of inclusivity at the heart of the Nativity story is an urgent one.
It's been a real roller coaster of a ride reaching that 20 year target and I most definitely couldn't have done it without your custom and continued support.
bring your community together in a joyful way after lockdown...
It's at times like this that you think to yourself 'what can I do to help?' For me it had to be something creative...